Monday, 19 August 2019


“What’s written on our foreheads cannot be altered” asks Bhagavata to Hayavadana. Finally, the inevitable time has approached the creator of the noteworthy play Hayavadana to abjure and drown the life book. The doyen of Indian theatre, Girish Raghunath Karnad has bid adieu to the literary world by creating an impeccable void in the intellectual space. His versatility as an iconic actor, litterateur, playwright and above all a fearless social cum political activist saw a cosmos where nothing was beyond the human reach. This literary colossus buried himself in his own thoughts and creative arena unaffected and unaltered by the public sound and fury that signified absolutely nothing to his unfailing honesty. He never wanted to please or praise any and he was blunt in his opinions always and in all ways. His repertoire of plays spoke for him on and off the dais. He was a man of strong will and tempestuous mind of his own and he never bridled his freedom of expression despite receiving death threats in plenty. His beguiling blend of the mythology and history, the folk and the classics continue to convey the richness and legacy of Indian culture and civilization in alien shores too. His pan- Indian approach seamlessly adorns and transcends all manmade barriers and boundaries. This Jnanpith awardee had the magnificent insight of modern life that enables one to sail through diverse language, culture, custom, tradition and so on. He taught the admirers to walk a path without light and the impossibility to walk one bereft of dreams. His grandeur across films, television and theatre cannot be overlooked and his role in the TV series of Malgudi Days remains an excellent testimony to the 90’s kids in particular. How can one forget the unruly Swami and his imposing Father figure, W.T. Srinivasan, the role made immortal by Girish Karnad? His imagination knew no borders and he remained in his own creative domain allowing others to poke or make scathing attacks on him. He endured in his imaginative realm with a magic wand creating stories that can hit anyone hard. He and his plays did not shy away from the public and the day to day politics. His novel mode of writing enabled the readers to breathe a fresh air and his demise marked the loss of a cultural ambassador. He has inspired and molded the minds of keralites too. The progressive drama and theatre artists of Kerala were extremely carried away by his sole characteristic of remaining stable and same, inside and outside the stage, with and without the embellishment of makeup demanded to gratify a specific character. Although he marked his presence in Malayalam flicks, he is admired by the Malayalis especially for his undaunted fight for social justice and his imperative contribution to the theatre art. He always wanted to be a poet but he turned out to be a playwright. Who knows it was already written on his forehead to become a playwright? His rare repository of plays are brimming with the vitality to extinguish a fire in the heart of every youth. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. But, Girish Karnad has universalized his life with his incredible plays and he can feel contentment in his new horizon for the fate that made him an exemplary playwright par excellence.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Dine, Dasaaaa!

It was the worst of times at the best of times!Thank you my utmost caring brothers(Srinath Bro and Ananth Bro) for all the caring and sharing moments of togetherness.I will badly miss the way you irritate and pull my legs( 45 walla comment in special)😁.You infact re-created the vigour of my university life and camaraderie,bros.I am grateful to you both for the serious attention you have always taken to make your sister tension free and cool.That attention has infact created tension in me😁.You bros are beyond the word power of my blog post.This trio snap and my bro's treat will forever remain special.I feel this pic worth uploading than my vote of thanks pic of glory.My heartfelt thanks are indeed to my dearest bros for making me cool in the crests and troughs of my life during the sea fever.No parting is done without shedding a tear.But,you guys made me utter and laugh to the fullest.You din allow me for any over aakkals😛.I pity myself😩 Anand - Waiting for your treat,bro.I wanna plump sooon. This lovely lively pic is dedicated to my love boys, Johan and Navin. Yeah,some people do walk into our lives as accidentally and incidentally as my eccentric cum enlightening Bros.Oh,my memory folder starts brimming with a Bravo feel.It's time for another to desert🤔

Fall for Falls

Let's fall for the water falls🥰😘 Fled is that music:- Do I wake or sleep?🤔 jaani na!


A combo delight of an unexpected trip and an unexpected meeting😘When I meet Amma's young friend after a short break and that too at her own home. Jeneena teacher, Annie chechi, Anakha Ajith, Nayana and Abhaya - We badly missed you all.It was indeed a day to reiterate Amma's redletter hostel days on the land of backwaters and my sojourn over there!Thanks for the cute surprise, Vyshali😘👍😘

Stay Tuned!

The days of your life flee away as a breath of wind, and all your pomp and glory shall be folded up as were the pomp and glory of those gone before you. Reflect, Oh, my 99INAC - My Alphas, Bravos, Charlies and Deltas Thanking the 'top chops' who came to my life all on a sudden from nowhere as an out of syllabus. Jesin and Ajay - lovely meeting both of you in a civilian outfit( especially the beard😅). Your 'Josh' moments will be cherished forever. Wishing you all a very happy ST 19( The entire 99's). Advaith- Yearning to meet as well as treat you, dear. Amal I Kumar - missed you loads always and as usual, my one and only Amal. Our next destination is your Bengaluru. Ajay Uthaman - Agreed?Stay tuned .

In the ministry of Craziness!

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings". What would my life be without you,my love boys Navin and Johan? What more do I need when I have two priceless brothers like you in all my problems and prospects, my English dudes? Anand- We did miss you badly, da. Whatever, bogies keep on adding and hereby, I introduce the new member George Leroy to you. Jordan- Still, nobody can be Johanner than our very own Jo boy, my mal boy? When my best half Anakha Ajith meets Navin and company!😍😢 What will my reticent sister do other than joining our ministry of utmost craziness? Leroy-Lovely meeting you, dear(and finally, we met ). Counting down days for a day with my eternal cheer leaders😍🤣😂😃

Story Night

Feeling so fortunate to have something that makes this adieu a bit hard😔Thank you Reshma for all the incredible moments of togetherness and the friendly connect that flourished within this short stint of my life at the shores.Love you for all tea- time chats and the surprise day you bestowed by your best in the form of a lovely host. Ruth chechi- Had Reshma been not there,your absence should have crossed the level of our literary Ariel.😁 We cherish your invisible presence and that classic maturity everyday,my matured lady. Btw,I have fulfilled that ancient promise given to you- A night and delight at Reshma's haven(your Aparna is still that crazy lil gal.many more promises and hosts in queue.I will😁😁).We missed you badly although the surprise message turned late night call was a relaxation,chechi.It's time to pack the treasure of memories and search my pastures new.Reshma has also added a few patterns to the rare friendship trove just by making me feel I don't miss you so soooo much always,chechi.Love and wishing you both all the success in life amidst all the storms to be encountered in the calm of the very entity.Tagging my very own Ruth chechi in Reshma's fb absentia😘😜😘😍.A story blooms here in the smithy of my soul!